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Physics II

Chapter 7

Formal cause is the first cause that gives rise to the other causes

  • the "what-ness" of even immovables (i.e., mathematicals)
  • agent cause brings about the formal cause

How Aristotle answers why?

  1. agent: "that this must follow from that"
  2. material: "that if this is to be, then that will be"
  3. formal: "that this was the essence"
  4. final: "because it is better in this way"

Chapter 8

Final Cause:

  1. why nature is a cause for the sake of something
  2. how necessity exists in physical things

Identifying strong correlations: "always or for the most part"

Art seeks a "perfection" that nature cannot achieve on its own

Slade, Francis. "Ends and Purposes"

"End ≠ Purpose" — Not according to Dr. Lehman

Aquinas. On the Principles of Nature